Frequently Asked Questions

What exactly is a "Mystery Shopper" or "Secret Shopper"?

A "Mystery Shopper" or "Secret Shopper" is someone who is hired by an establishment to pose as a customer and secretly report back to the owner how the service was, or other details that are requested. The person is then paid for the assignment and sometimes gets reimbursed for their purchase, meal or other things.


Is this a scam?? This sounds too good to be true.

We can understand you being skeptical about the program. After all, there are a lot of untrustworthy sites on the internet, but not! We assure you that this is for real! Click Here to read an actual testimonial.


Who are you? How can I trust you? is headquartered in Barton VT and is an industry leader in Mystery Shopping. We have been involved in mystery shopping for over 4 years, so you know you can trust us for quality contacts!


What separates you from other Mystery Shopper websites? is dedicated to connecting people with Mystery Shopping organizations. We are one of the original Mystery Shopper websites launched and most experienced! We guarantee you will not find a better service than PERIOD.


How much can I make being a Mystery Shopper?

Mystery Shoppers are treated like independent contractors and assignments have total time allowances. You can make $10 to $40 per hour during assignments. You also need to remember the fringe benefits of this fun and exciting opportunity. You will get several things free including gas, meals, clothing,  and entertainment such as movies and several other things!


How many hours can I expect to receive?

Some shoppers work as little as a few hours a month while others work as much as 10 - 15 hours every week. Keep in mind, you can work your own hours and you may also work for as many companies as you wish. The amount of hours you will receive is based on several things such as the amount of work available in your area, the number of shoppers in your area, your past experience on Mystery Shopper assignments.


Is This Available Where I Live?

This program is available to the following regions: Australia, Canada, USA, UK, Ireland, Puerto Rico, Europe, Mexico, Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, Guam, Philippines, France, Virgin Islands, and Jamaica!


How Do I Know If There Are Available Jobs In My Area??

This is a very popular question. Many people want to be sure there is available work before they sign up. We understand completely! Our database is loaded with companies from all over the country so rest assured, there will be available work!


Will Be My Employer? does not hire people directly. We have hundreds of contacts in our database who do, therefore, they will be the ones who would employ you. We are simply a "middle man" to help hook people up with the companies in our database.


What is the application process like?

Some companies will allow you to apply online, while others will ask that your information be mailed to them via US Postal Service, emailed or faxed. The important thing is to fill out the application as neatly as you can. This is a major factor in the selection process. Even though the companies hire on an as needed basis, you will have nearly 400 companies at your disposal to apply to.


How long will I have to complate an assignment?

It all depends on the company and the assignment. Remember, you will be working as an individual contractor therefore each assignment is unique in itself. Some assignments are wide open as far as time, while others require immediate attention. Most companies would like you to submit the job the same day it is completed.


What kind of work is involved in an assignment?

First you can select a specific assignment. You will then receive a briefing on the assignment at hand. You will then complete the assignment audit either on the site or via telephone or fax. Some companies even let you submit online.


How will I get paid for the work that I do?
You will be paid each month by a payroll company. You can choose the money to be directly deposited into your checking account or have the check mailed. You will be paid once per month and any reimbursements for your expenses will be included in the payment.


How will I learn to be a Mystery Shopper?
Any training that is necessary is provided by most companies for each Mystery Shopper.


How long does it take to start work?
Most shoppers can start immediately. You may have to wait if your area does not have a high volume of work. Remember, there are nearly 200 companies to apply to. This will
most likely keep you pretty busy if you wish.


Can I refuse an assignment?

Yes you can. You can choose assignments based upon your interests.


How old do I have to be in order to join?

You have to be at least 18 years of age to join, however many young people are allowed to take assignments with their parents! As a matter of fact, some companies insist that parents bring their children along!


Do the companies charge anything else to join them?

Absolutely not! The one time $25 fee is all there is. The companies within our database will not charge you a dime. They are free to join! 


Why do I have to pay a fee?

The fee is for access to our database of always updated companies and for our online guide, and job board. The cost helps maintain the site so we can continue offering this valuable service to people like yourself.


Is your credit card processor safe & secure?

Absolutely! We use a trusting third party payment processor. You can be sure of a smooth, safe transaction!



Are you ready to give it a try?

Hundreds and hundreds of companies and research firms are willing to pay you to shop!

Shop at Stores
Shop Online
Watch Movies
Play Golf
& Much More

"I Shop at hundreds of stores, get paid and get the purchases free! What a fun and rewarding job!
- Claire M."

"I like to take the clothing store assignments! I get my purchases free! - Sue L."

It's Easy To Start!

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The Benefits

Fun - Eat out in your favorite restaurants plus get your meals free! You can shop in department stores or online, get paid plus you can keep your purchases!

Flexibility - You can work whenever and how ever often you want! This can be a part time job or full time! It is up to you!

Money - Earn $10-$40 an hour doing what you usually do for free! This really ads up over a month's time. Get paid to take your family out to dinner. Get paid to do what you love!

Control - Imagine the feeling of finally being able to do something about being mis-treated as a customer. You have the power of the pencil!

"The first time I heard about going "Mystery Shopping", I thought it was only for women. Boy was I wrong! - Alex J."

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